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Alteryx – etl with analytcs features

Hi, I came across this ETL product some days ago. Thank you Pierre! It was a discovery. At first sight, alteryx ETL looks like a classic ETL product, but if you look deeper in the product, you find some very

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SQL developer as Modelling tool

Sql developer is a opensource tool to query, manage and monitor Oracle database. sql developer There are also some really interesting features for modeling task included in the tool. As the tool is java based it is possible to use

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Found this site by reading some of my rss subscriptions. The site publishes challenges for datascientists. There is a price for the best models developped by the participants. It may really be intersting for companies to give out some of

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Amazon cuts Cloud storage Prices

Amazon seems to align to their competitors on cloud storage prices. They are finally cheaper than Onedrive from Microsoft. AWS Blog Price of 100GB year is at around 36 $. For simple personal backup an interesting thing.

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SAP learning Hub

SAP finally open up its course catalog. Nice ! There are quite a lot of free course to follow. This addsup to the already existing MOC courses from  the Hasso Plattner Unversity and Opensap platform:    

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Informatica scripting

It is possible to automatise nearly every administration task on commandline scripts in infromatica. In case of migrations you can for example to a full export /reimport of a repository with a simple commandline script. To begin with a useful command

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Data Vault

Data vault is an innovative way of doing edw. I recently worked with the concepts.  

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