Alteryx – etl with analytcs features


I came across this ETL product some days ago. Thank you Pierre! It was a discovery.

At first sight, alteryx ETL looks like a classic ETL product, but if you look deeper in the product, you find some very interesting features.

Some of them:

– advanced analytics transforms that puts this product near kminer and rapidminer

– a full R-integration for anatlytic support

– you can improve dataflows with interactive components and advanced comment boxes

– transforms and connector are rich. (sources, destination)

– the product is ready for modern interfaces (soap, json, odata, etc…)

Well at first sight it seems to a rich product. I will try to find some benchmark to check its batch capabilities.

here the page of the editor:

and a screenshot of the designer:

Alteryx Designer x64_2014-10-01_10-27-51

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