Informatica scripting

It is possible to automatise nearly every administration task on commandline scripts in infromatica.

In case of migrations you can for example to a full export /reimport of a repository with a simple commandline script.

To begin with a useful command is:


First let us connect to the server

%rootpath_infa%\server\bin\pmrep connect -r RepositoryName -d YourDomainname -n username -x password

once you are logged in  lets do a backup of the repository to a file

%rootpath_infa%\server\bin\pmrep backup -o RepositoryToBackup

-> the backup file  will be put at this place on the disk


The next command is used to do administrative tasks on the server (disable service, update service parameters)


First let us disable the rpository service:

\server\bin\infacmd DisableService -dn domainname -un adminuser -pd adminuserpassword -sn repositoryname -mo Abort

once done let us put the repository in exclusive mode to be able to restore a bakup:

\server\bin\infacmd updateRepositoryService -dn domainname -un adminuser -pd adminuserpassword -sn repositoryname -so OperatingMode=Exclusive

now let us delete the content

\server\bin\pmrep connect -r repositoryname -d domainname -n adminuser -x adminuserpassword

\server\bin\pmrep delete -x adminuserpassword

and finally restore the bakup (after having copied the file to the path:%rootpath_infa%\server\infa_shared\Backup\ )

\server\bin\pmrep connect -r repositoryname -d domainname

\server\bin\pmrep restore -u adminuser -p adminuserpassword -i backup_repositoryname

To set back the server in operational mode

\server\bin\pmrep connect -r prod -d %domain_cible% -n adminuser -x adminuserpassword

\server\bin\infacmd updateRepositoryService-dn domainname -un adminuser -pd adminuserpassword  -sn repositoryname -so OperatingMode=Normal

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