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Alteryx, ETL with analytics and interactive capabilities

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Alteryx – etl with analytcs features

Hi, I came across this ETL product some days ago. Thank you Pierre! It was a discovery. At first sight, alteryx ETL looks like a classic ETL product, but if you look deeper in the product, you find some very

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SAP learning Hub

SAP finally open up its course catalog. Nice ! There are quite a lot of free course to follow. This addsup to the already existing MOC courses from  the Hasso Plattner Unversity and Opensap platform:  

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Informatica scripting

It is possible to automatise nearly every administration task on commandline scripts in infromatica. In case of migrations you can for example to a full export /reimport of a repository with a simple commandline script. To begin with a useful command is:

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